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Shin-ichi Kawada

Email: <>


Personal web page (JP): Click here. Personal web page (EN): Click here.

I am currently working on Higgs physics analysis at the ILC, especially the channel of Higgs boson decaying into muon pairs.

Some Notes

Of course, "something_EN.pdf" is a note written in English, and "something_JP.pdf" is written in Japanese (for my convenience :) ).

* Error Propagation (EN)

* Error Propagation (JP)

In this note, we will discuss how to calculate #sigma_{#mu#mu} (error of reconstructed muon pair mass). The calculation itself is not so difficult, but contains too many terms.

* Analysis note 01 (EN)

* Analysis note 01 (JP)

This note summarizes the first analysis of h-->mumu channel at 500 GeV ILC, using SGV samples and fully-simulated samples for signal in both cases.