Filing Cabinet for Instruction Manuals

As a very useful method to store paper instruction manuals for anything used in the TPC-Lab, a filing cabinet was introduced in 2005. Having started in an office, it was lateron moved into the TPC-Lab, which is currently located in Building 50, floor 1 in the Helmholtz-Detector-Lab, and has grown into a four-drawer-filing cabinet.

All files are sorted by manufacturer/brand, and, if there are many, product code. Thus the manual for a specific device can be found quickly. For a convenient use, the hanging folders themselves should not be taken out of the cabinet. Instead only take the manual itself.

If a heavier usage of the cabinet takes place it might be a good idea to place a note in the folder with what has been taken by whom.

Content wise there are manuals about slow control equipment, tools, measurement devices, crate systems, safety equipment, and many more.

New Cabinet in T24 Hut (24.05.2012)

It seemed practical to collect some manuals, majorly related to T24, in the Control Room. Fortunately the small rollable cabinet with all the drawers also provides one such for hanging files. Thus the same system as in the TPC-Lab can be used. I transferred some files about the AGILENT- and Lantronix-devices there. Probably later we should also collect the other PCMAG manuals there. Currently most of them are still stored in the second cabinet from the door. However, it is not a very clean solution, as the files get easily deformed that way.

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