How to open links out of thunderbird?

As a DESY default it is not possible to open links out of thunderbird.

Solution 1

To change this behaviour just do:

  1. In thunderbird: Edit->Preferences->Advanced->General->Config Editor...

  2. Search for the following 3 entries:
    • network.protocol-handler.warn-external.ftp default boolean false
    • network.protocol-handler.warn-external.http default boolean false
    • network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https default boolean false
  3. Change them to true

  4. Close this menu and try to open a link (maybe you have to confirm to 'Launch Application' )

Solution 2

If the first way doesn't work, there is a second approach you can try: editing the mimeTypes.rdf (a file which determines how thunderbird opens certain "file types" with external applications):

  1. Go to your thunderbird profile directory, e.g. $HOME/.thunderbird/*.default

  2. Make a backup copy of the file mimeTypes.rdf

  3. Replace the file in your profile directory with this: mimeTypes.rdf
    If necessary, edit this file and replace all occurrences of /usr/bin/firefox with the path to the firefox executable you want to use

  4. Open Thunderbird and click on a link to see if it worked

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