Useful Searches

This page contains and links some useful searches for Wiki editors to find errors or special keywords. As the regular expressions used are sometimes quite elaborate, it makes sense to store them on a page.

Pages with Word Doublets

This is most useful in English, as in German there are some valid doublet constructs. It can be useful to activate the case sensitive search.
For usage please copy the following expression into the search window:

regex:"(?P<word>\b[A-Za-z]{1,}) (?P=word)+\b"

Display context of search results
Case-sensitive searching

Pages with To Do and other Keywords

This could be useful to search for open tasks in the entire wiki or a subset of pages and create a task list like thing. Semantically this is quite difficult, as the phrases also occour in unusual combinations and as normal verbs.

<!> This is very experimental and not quite working, yet, as the expressions are so complicated and error prone :\ , but here goes:


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