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* Some statistics: http://www-flc.desy.de/flc/flcwiki/EventStats

The flc wiki

Contents up to now:

[:GridStart:Start with the Grid ]

[:HCAL Documentation:HCAL Documentation]

[:flcini:The flcini command]

[:Personal pages:Personal pages]

[:New User:Getting an FLC wiki user account]

Everyone is invited to add contents that might be useful for others. This is a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki Wiki], so please feel free to correct errors, fill the gaps of incomplete documentation, etc.

To edit a page (you have to be logged in), either:

  • press the speech balloon symbol on the upper right
  • click on Edit(Text) on the bottom of the page
  • click on Edit(GUI) on the bottom of the page (for those not familar with the wiki syntax)

* Some statistics: http://www-flc.desy.de/flc/flcwiki/EventStats

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