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== Lost? ==
 Find a list of all pages in this Wiki [:TitleIndex:here].

The flc wiki

Contents up to now:

[:GridStart:Start with the Grid ]

[:HCAL Documentation:HCAL Documentation]

[:flcini:The flcini command]


[:Personal pages:Personal pages]

[:New User:Getting an FLC wiki user account]

Everyone is invited to add contents that might be useful for others. This is a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki Wiki], so please feel free to correct errors, fill the gaps of incomplete documentation, etc.

To edit a page (you have to be logged in), either:

  • press the speech balloon symbol on the upper right
  • click on Edit(Text) on the bottom of the page
  • click on Edit(GUI) on the bottom of the page (for those not familar with the wiki syntax)

If you want to test how to use the Wiki, you may visit the WikiSandBox.


  • Find a list of all pages in this Wiki [:TitleIndex:here].

* Some statistics: http://www-flc.desy.de/flc/flcwiki/EventStats

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