dCache Problems

If you have problems accessing your files try:




You need to have a valid grid proxy!

Change of Access Methods for the dCache

Certain parts of the ILC and CALICE mass storage have been migrated from the old dCache instance srm-dcache.desy.de to the new instance dcache-se-desy.desy.de. The administrators still keep read-only access via DCAP/GSIDCAP for the old files on srm-dcache, but this will be stopped on 2008-12-15.

Files in the following directories are to be accessed via GSIDCAP (or Grid tools like lcg-*, edg-gridftp-*, or srm*). Please use the alias name dcache-desy-gsidcap.desy.de as the GSIDCAP door.



Files in the following directories remain in the HERA-dCache and can be accessed as before (typically via a /pnfs or /acs mount).


Note that stopping the read-only access via srm-dcache is completely unrelated to any PNFS mount. The only consequence is that file accesses like the following will stop working:


All CALICE directories now live in the dcache-se-desy instance. You can still see files in the “old” dCache, but this is the status of some weeks ago (before the migration). New files won’t show up. Actually the PNFS of dcache-se-desy is currently mounted nowhere – here one might think of some exceptions for selected ILC and CALICE workgroup servers.

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