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Daily runs of LED and Pedestal were made to check stability.

Campaigns in 2015 :

  • February 2015 :

We had a TB period of about 1 week in February at DESY. The Setup was 5 big layers (Layer 12, 13, 14, 15 and one special layer composed of the 2 new ITEP boards and the SMD Mainz board) in an airstack configuration using the tungsten frames. The goal of this testbeam was to get a MIP Calibration for the outer tiles of theses layers and cross-check few things from CERN PS Testbeam.

In overall, the testbeam was a success. Thanks to it, we can get a light yield measure for the new Mainz board, cross-check results with the ones at CERN and get a better understanding of the electronics. One change was operated on the Layer 13. As we observed that the gain for that layer was too low at CERN, we decided to change the pre-amplifier values to lower values.


DESY Feb 2015




275fF -> 250fF





Daily runs of LED and Pedestal were made to check stability.

Remark : The reconstruction software from October/November CERN TB still works just the database paths and the processor Ahc2Calibrate needs to be modified!!! The source file is available here : Ahc2CalibrateProcessor

A list of remarks, comments and runs is available here.


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