DESY TB21, February 20, 2017

1 week for AIDA2020 WP5: combined running with the beam telescope. One of the aims of this beam test was to test the EUDAQ2 before its release and get a correlated data sample. Most of the time was spent by debugging of the eudaq software.

A secondary experiment was running during our testbeam: KLaus chip prototypes with 7 channel (KIP, Uni Heidelberg)

CERN SPS, May 2017


We had 1 week of preparation time from 18/05 to 23/05 and 1 week of beam time from 24/05 to 30/05 at CERN SPS, H2 beam line. Elog is available here:

Objectives (summary):

  1. Test of AHCAL in magnetic field

CERN SPS, July & September 2017


We had 1 week of beam time for tests of HGCAL+AHCAL from 12/07 to 19/07 at CERN SPS, H2 beam line. This was followed by some parasitic beam time with muons, and a few dedicated days at the end of September

Objectives (summary):

  1. measure pion showers in a geometry close to the one planned for the CMS HGCAL detector upgrade

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