Instructions for Adding Histograms (QtReco & QtReco-Client)


Where to change things:

in source/src/AnalysisThread.cpp: - define new function (booking histograms, creating directories in root tree), follow examples of existing functions

in source/include/AnalysisThread.h: - declare function


Where to change things:

in source/src/GuiClient.cpp: - add connect function to GUIClient::GUIClient(QWidget *parent)

in source/src/QCanvasWidget.cpp: - add if-case to Draw(TList *m_list) function

in source/src/TCPClient.cpp: - add case to SendMessage(int type, QString m_runNumber) function

in ui/GuiClient.ui: - add relevant widgets including properties and names of buttons to be displayed on the interface

in build/source/ui_GuiClient.h: - add relevant widgets, buttons etc. to constructor

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