Voltage and Temperature Dependencies of the Gain

The SiPM gain G is proportinal to the difference between applied bias voltage Ubias and breakdown voltage Ubd, (Ubias - Ubd). Since Ubd is proportional to the temperature T of the device, changes of G are proportional to the negative of temperature changes. The absolute voltage and temperature dependencies of the gain of the SiPMs in the AHCAL prototype are:

The format of the files is:

error is the error on dG/dX given by the ROOT fit routine. status > 0 indicates the numbers of gain measurements used for extracting the slopes, while status = 0 indicates that no data are available for the corresponding channel or that the chisquare/DOF of the corresponding fit is smaller than 10 (U dependencies) or 20 (T dependencies). The "+" marks the files with more "good" results.

Voltage and Temperature Dependencies of the MIP Response

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